Wednesday, November 11, 2015


My last post on Emery was about her sensory issues (4-16-15). Things were so out of control with her, we ended up switching her meds. I read through my daily logs on Emery going back about a year. It appeared she was actually doing better on Fluoxetine than she was on her current medication. So we went back to the Fluoxetine and continued with her Clonodine. The latter is for her hyperactivity and the former for OCD symptoms.

This change resulted in Emery having a fairly great Summer. The back slamming, hand playing and face tapping completely stopped. The face pressing continued. But eliminating 3 out of 4 OCD/Sensory issues was a huge relief. Emery enjoyed boating, swimming, playing on the tramp, riding her bike and gymnastics over the Summer. She loved our California trip. Disneyland was perfect for her sensory seeking needs. She loved all of the rides, including the roller coasters. The ocean was also a great sensory source. The waves were huge every day and would literally knock you right over. She had a blast! We all did. It was our first major family vacation with the twins and it was a success. Emery only became upset one time waiting in a line at Disney. It was just a few tears and the episode only lasted about 10 minutes. I just loved California. So glad we decided to make that our vacation destination.

Emery's school year started out really good. She even handled her siblings starting school a full 2 weeks earlier than her school started. No issues. She was super excited to get back to school and she was doing good in school.

Then Bam! It all changed. About the end of September, we started getting notes that Emery was pushing her classmates a lot. The first week of October, she was pushing just about everyday at school. We also noticed she was back slamming a few times at home. Her hand playing started back up. She started pulling out her hair. She was still in a happy mood but the OCD/Sensory issues were reemerging. Ugh!

We scheduled an appointment with her neurologist and bumped her Fluoxetine dose from 20mg to 30mg per day. It has been 3 weeks and we have not seen any improvements. She is still only at half of the maximum dose of 60mg. Uncertain what we are going to try next. Her pushing has turned to hitting and poking. She pokes others really hard in the cheeks. She mainly is doing it to me, her teachers and girls in her class. She has a huge bald spot in the back of her head from the hair pulling. We have tried band aids on her thumbs, wearing a hat all day, and fidget toys to try to reduce the hair pulling. All with only minimal changes. We have tried to discipline her for the hitting/poking. Time out at school and loss of privileges at home. No effect whatsoever. She will say "no push", "no hit", "no poke". But, she continues to do it. Her neurologist thinks the issue is more OCD related than just being naughty, especially with the reemergence of the hand playing and hair pulling. Her teacher is meeting next week with the school counselor to get some ideas to reduce these behaviors. Very strange. I am not sure why all of these behaviors started back up. Emery, my mystery child.

That is the general update on Emery. More like to come on her autism diagnosis and insurance.