Thursday, March 5, 2015

Could this be your son?

Preston is running out of time. He is not running out of time to catch the bus. Or to do his homework. Or to make it to practice. Or even to finish his chores.

Preston is running out of time to have a family.

Preston could soon be homeless.

WACAP asked me to advocate for Preston. His information is detailed below.

Could Preston be your Son?

Preston is aging out of the possibility of adoption—we need a US family with a homestudy by mid-March or he will be too old to be adopted and is in danger of becoming homeless!

Preston, born in June 1999 in Eastern Europe, is described as communicative, happy and extroverted; a boy who is very active and has a strong curiosity. He’s able to express his emotions and feelings and is gentle. He works to make and maintain stable friendships and prefers group activities to individual ones. He respects routines and is able to overcome emotional barriers when communicating with strangers. He lags behind a bit in school but would probably do well with some individual encouragement. Preston is considered healthy with no known medical conditions. Please ask about his excellent video of him break dancing!

There is a $3,600 grant to assist qualified families ( incomes below $125,000 adjusted for family size) with this adoption. In addition, this child’s country will reduce expenses in the $2,300-$5,200 range to help any family adopt this child, regardless of their income. WACAP ( also provides free adoption financing coaching/consulting to our families, to help you develop a financial plan for Preston’s adoption. You’ll have live coaching, online-webinars and a gift registry service. You’ll learn about the Adoption Tax Credit, grants, loans and fund raising. If you want to schedule a session with the coach, please contact us.

To see a detailed chart of the expenses involved please visit To discuss the adoption process for Preston, please email Lynne Mason or Tami Mason or call her at 206-575-4550.

Please feel free to advocate for Preston on your blogs. All WACAP asks is for his information and pictures not be posted on Facebook.

Prayers for Preston are appreciated.

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