Sunday, November 16, 2014

Neurology - Emery

Post #3 for the weekend and I will finally be caught up with everything regarding Emery. I think I previously posted about Emery's visit last June-ish with the first neurologist. We were not at all happy with this doctor because he did not ask any specific questions about Emery. He believed she didn't talk due to anxiety and wanted us to put her on prozac. We decided at that time to get a second opinion and ended up seeing a neurologist in the Detroit area that specialized in children from orphanages. We had a 10 minute conversation with this doctor and he though Emery's issues were all attachment related. He did agree that we could try prozac and see what happens. He was very adamant that it was a safe drug to try. He also referred us to The Imagine Center where Emery finally received an official diagnosis. So despite our extreme disappointment in our 10 minute consultation, we are very grateful for the referral. We did decide to try Emery on prozac beginning with 1/20th of a normal dose and small weekly increases. We continued consulting with this neurologist via phone regarding the medication. We did not notice any significant changes in Emery while she was taking prozac. She may have been a bit more giddy and less likely to get upset about things, but the difference was minimal. It was becoming difficult having a doctor out of Detroit (2.5 hours from us) managing Emery's medication. We obtained another referral for a neurologist in Grand Rapids. This doctor runs a facility similar to The Imagine Center. This facility is CACN - Children and Adolescent Center for Neurology.

Our consultation at CACN was extremely thorough. The neurologist spent nearly 2 hours asking me questions and observing Emery. He stated that the more therapy we could get for Emery, the better. He understood that due to lack of insurance coverage, ABA therapy was not attainable. He also wanted us to ween Emery off the prozac and see if we notice any negative changes. He felt this was the only way to determine with any certainty whether or not the prozac was helping. He also ordered a 24 hour EKG to completely rule out any seizure activity. We were 100% satisfied with this consultation.

We weened Emery off of the Prozac over a 4 week period and did not notice any significant or negative changes. I spent 24 hours with Emery at CACN for her EKG. It went much better than I expected. I was very concerned about how I was going to keep Emery entertained for such a long time period. But Emery surprised me and did exceptionally well. Bruce brought the kids for a visit and we had take out dinner together to break up the time a bit. Emery slept well and we were back home by 9:00 the next morning. We received the EKG results 2 days later and the results showed no seizure activity.

For now, we are monitoring Emery's progress while attending the autism program at school and keeping her off any other medication. We will have another consultation with her neurologist in January to discuss progress made in her areas of need. It is possible we might have to try another medication for Emery at some time in the future. The doctor wants to wait and see how much she improves being in school full time.

So that is my Emery update. I have some pictures to post but for some reason blogsy will not let me upload them. I now have to wipe up several large puddles in my kitchen that arrived via 4 pairs of snowy kids boots. Apparently, Blake, Emery, Avery, and a friend desperately needed a snack while still in their snow gear! Ah, the joys of living in Michigan. Gotta Love It.

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  1. Try contacting the Autism Society of Michigan or of the nearest large city. They may know of resources available to help you cover ABA therapy. Rex has been doing ABA for three years and I credit a lot of what he has learned to it.