Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Emery's Evaluation at The Imagine Center

Emery's appointment was last week Tuesday. Bruce had a business meeting on Monday near the appointment, so we left Monday morning and stayed overnight in a hotel in Northville. Bruce went to his afternoon meeting and Emery and I hung out in the hotel room. When Bruce returned, we took Emery down to the pool to swim for awhile. We then enjoyed a nice dinner out. I think Emery enjoyed being an "only child" on this little trip.

Emery's appointment was at noon on Tuesday so we had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel before leaving for the appointment. I had never been to Northville before. It is such a quaint little town. Many small shops, deli's and coffee shops along the main street. I would have loved to walked around and enjoyed the town if it were not for my knee.

I was so nervous about how Emery's appointment would go. In addition to worrying about Emery slipping into an episode and the doctor not being able to adequately evaluate her, I was afraid we would be disappointed as we were with the prior two neurologist appointments.

Well this appointment could not have gone better. The neuropsychologist that worked with Emery was wonderful. Emery was extremely comfortable and completely herself. There is no doubt that she was adequately evaluated. The doctor spent a considerable amount of time asking us questions about Emery. In addition, I filled out several questionnaire forms pertaining to Emery. I provided the doctor with all of Emery's medical records from the orphanage and the timeline I prepared of Emery's development and issues since we adopted her.

The doctor immediately began pouring over the information. She was thankful to have the information and believed it would greatly assist in Emery's evaluation. She asked us may questions regarding Emery's medical records and the timeline. The discussion was very thorough.

The doctor then proceeded with formally evaluating Emery's cognitive abilities. She sat on the floor with Emery and played with her while asking her to complete various tasks. She included Bruce in some of the activities while I completed the questionnaires. In addition, Emery demonstrated her gymnastics skills for the doctor, which was very entertaining for us all.

The doctor discussed several topics with us including institutional autism, special education services through the public schools, state assistance for special needs and ABA therapy (applied behavioral analysis). She indicated that she feels Emery's issues are orphanage related and she believes Emery has a lot of potential.

The next step is for the doctor and her colleagues to get together to review and analyze all of the information about Emery and determine a diagnosis, therapy plan and education plan. Our next appointment is September 9th to discuss the results of the evaluation, the doctors conclusions and obtain a written report.

Overall, I could not be more happy about how this appointment went. I feel we are on the right track with Emery. Having a specific plan in place combined with the right resources is exactly what we need. Praying everything goes just as well at the next meeting.

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