Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not a very good week

Everything is very chaotic in our house right now. It began while on vacation at the cottage. Bruce got bit by something that caused an infection in his leg and made him sick. He was better after a few days and then I injured my knee trying to dock the boat. Either a torn or pulled acl. Cannot get in for an MRI until the 16th. So I have a leg brace and can barely walk at all. In addition to my knee, a became sick with a cough, fever and chills for two or so days after arriving home. I'm just starting to feel a bit better today.

The worse news is that Bruce's mom is in the hospital and not doing well at all. Her issues began about 6 months ago when she fractured 3 bones in her back. Everything has gone down hill since then. Between working and being at the hospital, he has not been around much at all.

I was completely useless while sick and cannot get around very fast with my knee injury. The girls have been keeping up on laundry and meals and helping with the twins. Difficult week to say the least. Emery has been wreaking havoc around the house with minimal supervision. Praying things get better and we can soon return to normal. Prayers for Bruce's mom are appreciated.



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  1. Praying for you guys...He will uphold you with His righteous right hand.