Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beginning to Get Back to Normal

We are finally all healthy here. No more flu virus in the house. This week was our first week that was actually fairly normal. I finally received the results of my MRI yesterday. Completely torn ACL, minor tear in MCL, and twisted meniscus. My surgery is scheduled for Aug. 11th. If the meniscus is not torn, I will be on crutches for one week. If it is torn, crutches for six weeks. Praying for one week, obviously. In addition to the surgery, I have to go to rehabilitation therapy twice a week for 6 weeks. Ugh. So very time consuming.

In addition to the flu and injured knee, we also lost Bruce's mom. She passed away almost two weeks ago. We had her funeral last week. We were all expecting her to recover from her back injury, so her death was somewhat of a surprise. She ended up going into cardiac arrest while having a MRI. They revived her but she never regained consciousness. Very sad. During this time, Emery was having an episode, so we had that to deal with as well.

Emery had her appointment with her new neurologist, Dr. Chugani, on Monday, July 14th in West Bloomfield, Michigan. This is what caused the episode. It was an easy 3 hour drive. Emery did great right up until they called her name and weighed her. Then she went into her clinging and whimpering mode. By the time we returned home later in the evening, she was full into one of her severe episodes. She didn't return to normal until Friday night when we left to go to her favorite place, the cottage.

I was so hopeful prior to this appointment based on the recommendation from Emery's therapist and my thorough research on this Doctor. Unfortunately, the appointment didn't go anything like we expected. I was so disappointed, I could have cried. We drove 3 hours one way just to speak to a doctor for 10 minutes. His intern spent about 30 minutes asking us various questions about Emery. Nobody had reviewed the records that I diligently prepared and sent ahead of time. The internist did go retrieve the records and browsed them for a minute or two. The intern's questions were fairly thorough, so I thought the appointment was going well at first. Then Dr. Chugani came in. He chatted quietly for a minute or two with the intern and then talked to us. He talked about how there can be attachment issues when children are in an orphanage beyond the age of two. I told him we were not experiencing any attachment issues. We had neurological concerns. He said he felt that all of Emery's issues were related to being in an orphanage for 7 years.

Although this could very well be true, he did not even look over her records. He didn't ask a single question about her nor did he review our answers to the intern's questions. All he focused on was the fact that she was in an orphanage past the age of two. He barely even let us into the conversation at all.

I could not believe how this consultation was going. I felt crushed. Emery's first neurologist in Grand Rapids completely disregarded Emery's orphanage life and this neurologist only focused on her orphanage life. Maybe this is just how it is in the world of neurology. Each doctor has his specialty and believes every patient just falls into his specialty. I honestly do not know how a doctor can form an opinion without reviewing any records or asking any questions.

Anyway, right near the end of his 10 minute speech, he referred us to one of his colleagues to have Emery evaluated. Finally, the first thing out of his mouth that I agreed with. Emery needs to be evaluated. We need to provide her with the therapy she needs and develop an education plan. It is really difficult to determine what she needs without any specific diagnoses.

So he gave us the necessary contact information. Our new referral is with Dr. Michael Behen . He runs a clinic in Northville, MI called "The Imagine Center". Here is a list of the some of the services they provide:


Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment

  • Obtaining Diagnostic Clarity
  • Psycho-educational
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Learning Disability
  • Comprehensive psychological testing to aid in the diagnosis of social, emotional, and psychiatric problems
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Developmental Disabilities Assessment (for instance autism, developmental delay)

Assessment Services

Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment – Provides clarity for receiving formal diagnosis (for example, ADHD, learning disorder, cognitive impairment) and for better understanding ongoing behavioral and academic problems. Findings are helpful for receiving academic accommodations and for treatment planning.

Developmental Assessment – assist with diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, Language Disorder

It appears that this clinic provides exactly what we need for Emery. Her appointment is August 5th. I cannot help but being hopeful that we may know what direction to go in to help Emery. We will see.



  1. Sorry to hear about your mother in law passing away. How did Emery's appointment go?