Friday, June 6, 2014

Yet Another Episode

Before Emery even was over her symptoms from the last episode, another one occurred. This time, I can't trace it to a specific illness. Her ears were clear, no swollen lymph nodes, no cough or runny nose.

She woke up a week ago last Tuesday at 3:00 am extremely upset. She always goes to her rocking chair if she wakes up during the night. She was rocking really hard. I thought she was going to rock right out the window. I could not calm her down. She was so distraught. She eventually fell asleep, but woke in the morning back in one of her episodes. Same behaviors as always, hitting her head, hard tics, hair pulling and sobbing relentlessly when she had to get out of her chair. As long as she was in her chair and had her blanket securely tucked around her, she was fine. Happy, content, playing with ipad and blocks, bossing me around, and eating normal as long as I fed her. So very strange. The episode lasted about a week. By the following Tuesday she was getting out of her chair occasionally on her own and by Wednesday she was back to normal. By normal, I mean acting totally like herself but still occasional hitting, tics and hair pulling without being distraught.

I don't even know what to think. I don't understand why she keeps having these severe episodes. Maybe she had a bad dream and her reaction is her way of coping with her feelings. Maybe she was just reacting to the illnesses as opposed to the illnesses causing the behavior. Still processing it all.

She has a follow up appointment with her neurologist next Thursday and we are getting a referral to a neurologist in the Detroit area that specializes in kids with developmental delays. I am in the process of reviewing my blog, notes and emails to her therapist to try to create a timeline of all Emery's not so normal behaviors since she has been home. I need to distinguish between orphanage related behaviors and "other" behaviors. I am hoping the timeline will paint a clearer picture of Emery for the neurologist as well as a refresher for me.

Praying constantly for God to help me help her.

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