Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just not Emery's year

I can hardly believe I am writing this post. On May 4th, Emery broke her leg bouncing on the tramp. We had only had the tramp up for 2 weeks and already an injury. The sad part of the story is we purchased the tramp mainly for Emery to meet her sensory needs. Now, she can't even use it for several weeks.

The break is just below her left knee. We were in the ER for nearly 6 hours. She was in tremendous pain and was beyond distraught. They got her pain under control within a half hour, but she was so tired and frightened. She just wanted to go home. She was sobbing so hard. In between sobs, she would say "mama, night night". She wanted to be home in her own bed. It was so sad, I had all I could do not to cry myself. They did x-rays and a ct scan. Fortunately, surgery was not needed. They put her leg in a splint and sent us home with instructions to give her Advil and Tylenol for a week.

Within two days she was in pretty good spirits. She still hated getting out of her rocking chair, but her pain was controlled and she was happy. She would not try using the crutches they gave us. So I was taking Advil regularly as well. Carrying around a 54 pound 9 year old with a broken leg is quite challenging. By the weekend, she was getting bored enough to try her crutches and within a day or two, was doing well using them.

She is now off pain meds and is trying to hobble around without her crutches. I am trying to keep her off her leg as much as possible, but she is one determined (and stubborn) little girl. She has a follow up appointment next Monday to see if she will need a cast. They told us in ER that her leg will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. Every time she looks out the window and sees the tramp, she asks to "bounce". I am praying for quick healing so my little gymnast can get back out there.

I was so angry that this had happened. Emery has had such a rough year so far. I kept wondering when things were going to turn around. I guess God has His own plan. Maybe God gave Emery almost a year and a half of good health so we could devote our energy to her brother during his surgeries and subsequent recoveries. Now maybe God has decided it is Emery's turn. We are devoted to finding out the cause of Emery's issues and helping her any way we can. Since Blake has come so far, we do have the time and energy to focus on Emery. Emery is still having issues, the broken leg is just one more. Fortunately, the leg will heal and this experience will be behind us soon. I am praying we can heal all of Emery soon as well.



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