Monday, April 28, 2014

Two Years Home - Dear Emery

You have been with us now for two years Emery. Two years with your forever family. You came to us a tiny frightened little girl. You did not know how to be loved. You never said a word. You never sought help when you were hurt. You never wanted to be tucked in bed at night. But you have blossomed sweetheart. When you say "mama" and put your hands on my cheeks, look deep into my eyes, and then lean in for a kiss, it completely melts my heart. You are a precious little girl. You are full of giggles and happiness. You love to cozy up and adore being tucked in every night. You are now saying many words. You know how to love and how to be loved. Despite your speech issues, you have no problem understanding everything around you. You are a very observant little girl, which sometimes gets you into trouble! Mom knows you are a smart little girl working very hard to overcome the negative effects of your first 7 years. You had a rough few months the beginning of this year. My heart broke to watch you suffer. I am so grateful you are beginning to get better. You are slowly conquering the effects of your illness. I love you with all my heart Emery. Whatever God's plan is for you, you will always be the light of my life. Thank you for letting your family into your heart Emery. You have blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined.


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