Monday, April 28, 2014

Two Years Home - Dear Blake

You have been home with your forever family for two years now. The time seems to have flown by. You came to us a little boy with a big personality. Well, you still have a big personality. But, you have so much more. You have a strength I never thought possible of a little boy. You have overcome so much adversity in your young life. In two years time you have moved over 5000 miles away to live with strangers, you have learned an entirely new language, you have endured two surgeries, you have learned to be a member of a family, you have entered a new school, gained 3 and 1/2 years of education, and you have walked for the first time in your life on two legs. You have changed from a little boy that was frightened of all the changes in his life, to a young little man that has control over himself and knows that his family loves him. One thing that amazes me about you Blake, is that you have such a big heart. You care about how people feel. You hurt when you make a mistake. You try so hard to do the right thing. You are a wonderful person. You found your way into my heart through a written profile description on an adoption agency website. Now, 4 years later, I have fallen in love with you. We have had are ups and downs. We have had many happy times and a few not so happy times. But through it all, I love you with all my heart Blake Rumen. You are living proof that anyone can over come adversity. You are a strong, loving person. I am so grateful God chose you to be my son. I know you were meant to be in our family. Your file was sent to 3 families prior to our family. For various reasons, these adoptions fell through. Do you know why? Because God wanted you to be with us. You were meant to be our son. Thank you Blake for being you. I will love you forever.


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  1. We were also presented with the twins' file in summer of 2009. They were the first waiting children we ever considered. We were brand-new to international adoption and not quite ready to make the leap. I am so glad, that despite the long wait, their perfect family found them eventually.