Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where is Emery?

That is what I keep asking myself. Where oh where is my good natured, happy, silly little girl? I am seeing teeny tiny improvements here and there. But, she still is not herself. She seems content and happy sometimes at home. But sometimes, she just seems sad. At times she is even playing and having fun. But, the minute she has to do anything routine oriented, she starts hitting herself. We had a meeting with her therapist this morning and an appointment scheduled with a neurologist on April 3rd. I am so praying someone can eventually determine whatever it is that is causing her issues. Right now it just seems to be a process of elimination. It has now been over 2.5 months. I am frustrated, exhausted and most of all, sad. Her therapist is leaning toward a diagnosis of PANDAS or at least some type of autoimmune disorder. To test this theory, we are starting her on a regimen of supplements to see if we see any improvement. If we see improvement, there is most likely an autoimmune disorder. If no improvement, we are back to the drawing board. Hoping we find our little girl soon. I sure do miss her.

Now, for my weekly dose of amusement. This didn't happen this week, but every time I think about it, it still makes me laugh. A couple weeks ago, we were just taking our seats at Ashley's middle school musical, when Blake leans over and says to a classmate, "Hey Carly, my mom is a little crazy". I said, "Gee Blake, you know that is supposed to be a secret". Ha Ha. Does my son know me or what?

Have a good week everyone. Any prayers for Emery are appreciated.

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