Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some Relief

Emery has began to show some improvement. She is up and about, playing and getting into mischief. She is happy and giggly.

Some PANDAS symptoms that seem to have disappeared:

  • Not going to the bathroom on her own.
  • Not wanting to take a shower
  • Refusing to get out of her rocking chair
  • Not feeding herself
  • Not wanting to leave the house
  • Not smiling
  • Head Banging
Some PANDAS symptoms that still remain, but at much less intensity:

  • Hitting herself in the head with her fists
  • Twitching her head to hit her shoulders (tic)
  • Being clingy
  • Pulling out her hair

It is such a relief to see her smiling face again. She is almost back to normal. She did great at school this week. She is doing much better on her at-home therapy. I am praying her remaining symptoms continue to diminish and she does not get another infection. This has been such a major setback for Emery. Things had been going so well for her. Two and a half months of this crazy illness. But, I will say, Emery seems to be picking up right where she left off at the end of December. I have not noticed any permanent regression. Which I consider a definite blessing.

To help with her remaining symptoms, we are putting her on a supplement regimen recommended by her therapist. We will be monitoring her symptoms closely and adjusting as needed. So much of this disease is trial and error. It is frustrating, to say the least. The alternative would be to put her on a long regimen of antibiotics. Unfortunately, this can cause a myriad of other issues. We decided to go the supplement route to avoid some of the less pleasant and serious side effects of long-term antibiotics. If the supplements do not work, we will have to revisit other alternatives.

For now, I am grateful to have some relief for Emery. I am also grateful to have my little girl (mostly) back. I am even thankful to be using her "no no" chair again! Although this might be short lived! Ha Ha.


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