Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Setback

Well, we had our normal Emery back for only one week. I noticed a week ago Monday, that she was rocking in her chair more and shortly thereafter, began hitting herself again. By Wednesday, it was bad. She was sobbing and had bruised temples. Took her in to her pediatrician thinking the fluid in her ears was back or she had an infection.

Ears were clear. No fever. No signs of any illness. I felt we were back to square one. What was wrong with our girl? By the weekend she was completely distraught. Sobbing, constant hitting if her hands were not restrained, not eating, not peeing and not pooping.

By Sunday morning she had not pooped in two days and not peed in over 24 hours. Called her doctors after hours line. They told us to take her to emergency. We had her at DeVos Children's Hospital emergency by 8:30 am. The next four hours were rough for Emery. She sobbed for the entire time with the exception of about 15 minutes when we were able to calm her by letting her bounce on the bed. She had two rectal temperature checks, had to be catheterized to obtain a urine sample, had two have 2 X-rays taken and a throat swab. Yes, a very hard morning.

The results were no urinary tract or bladder infection, clear belly and chest X-rays, and a positive strep throat test. So we finally had our answer. A strep infection. She must have developed a sore throat beginning the previous Monday and it was not noticed at her doctor visit on Wednesday. It is very hard to see into Emery's throat because she does a very quick "ahh" and that is it. It must have at some point turned into strep.

So she had a one-time double antibiotic shot at DeVos and we went home. On Monday, she was slightly improved. Smiling a little in her chair and even a rare giggle. She was still becoming extremely distraught when I had to get her out of her chair to go potty, get cleaned up, or brush her teeth. Extreme sobbing and numerous attempts to hit herself or slam her head into any nearby object. I have become extremely proficient at holding both her hands, protecting her head and doing everything else with only one hand. Yes, I have even conquered showering her with one free hand.

By Wednesday she was eating normal and acting very happy in her chair. She would even occasionally get out of her chair on her own to grab a toy or check out what I was making for dinner. But she still would go into sobbing and hitting fits, if she was made to get out of her chair.

She hadn't shown much more improvement by Thursday so I called her pediatrician. They wanted to see her. So I took her in. Throat was clear, no more infection. Ears were clear. Everything looked good. They said she still could be having leftover symptoms from the strep such as a belly ache, head ache or joint pain. So this could be why she is still having her hitting episodes.

It is now Saturday. She is up and about a lot more. She still will not feed herself. The sobbing when she is made to get out of her chair has slowly turned to a fretting, slight moaning noise. So I think we are heading in the right direction.

The one thing I learned during this past two months is that there is definitely something medical going on with Emery if she starts having hitting episodes or refuses to get out of her chair. Praying for a healthy and happy March!

Happy Baba Marta Everyone!


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  1. Have you looked into PANDAS? Some kids have a neuropsychiatric reaction to getting step -- self-injury, OCD-like symptoms, verbal tics: