Monday, January 13, 2014

The Holidays

I know I am so late posting about our holidays.  We had a great holiday season.  The twins enjoyed all of the festivities and we didn't notice any unusual behaviors.  Just a normal family holiday.  We had lots of snow here in Michigan over the holidays!  The kids enjoyed sledding and 3 snow days added to their two week Christmas break!  Enjoy the Pictures!

Emery and Ashley Christmas Eve at Aunt Kristi's house

Bestest Cousins!

Gift from Uncle Jack - Spaghetti and a gift card. He thinks
the girls eat pasta all the time (he is basically right). 

Spaghetti and a gift card for Nicole too!

Christmas morning.  A snow shovel from Santa.  Blake loves this gift
and uses it frequently.  I will take advantage of this as long as I can!

New puzzle for Miss Emery

Make Up Kits for the girls

Room Decor for Ashley

Books for Nicole

Blake and Emery at a hands-on concert at Aquinas College

Cutting down tree #1

Beautiful Sisters

Hauling tree #1.  I am always grateful to be the one taking the pictures!

Emery helping with the Star on tree #1

Birthday Fun at Craig's Cruisers - The rope course!

Emery at her Christmas program

Blake at the Christmas program 

Birthday dinner for the girls - Ashley and Emery

Nicole and silly Avery

Blake and cousin Tyler 

Ashley and Conner

Christmas Day at Grandma Nadine's - Ashley helping Emery

Blake received a Rudolph stuffed animal

My pretty 15 year old

My pretty almost 14 year old

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