Monday, January 13, 2014

Pre-Holiday Fun

As you all can see, I am in the process of doing a blog makeover.  It always takes longer than I estimate.  I have not blogged much during the busy holiday season.  So I thought I would post some pictures to catch up. 

All dressed up for Blake's First Reconciliation

New Christmas Jammies

A Special Visit from Santa Claus. 
Blake was completely facinated and had lots and lots
of question for Santa

Emery was not interested for about the first 15 minutes of the
visit.  She eventually warmed up to Santa
and did not want to let him leave

Making Christmas Cookies with Conner and Avery

As you can see by Blake's shirt,
there was a big mess at my house after Christmas Cookies.
Some flour and frosting throwing - the kids had a blast!

Pretty Ashley

Pretty Nicole

Big Sister and Little Sister

Already for their school Christmas Program

My Birthday Girls - 15 and 14 - time flies

Very cool birthday cake made by Nicole for her and Ashley's Birthday

Conner and Emery decorating tree #2

Avery and Blake decorating tree #2

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