Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Turn for the Worse

Emery did so well through the holidays. She was her normal happy little self. It was so nice to see her enjoying the festivities and daily life after her salicylate reaction was overcome.

Sadly, Emery began having issues unrelated (we think) to salicylates. Beginning the week of December 30th, Emery began acting not quite like herself. A few unexpected tears here and there, but nothing alarming. After Christmas break was over the week of January 6th, our life started to return back to normal. The kids went back to school on the 8th and Emery started school at Horizons on the 9th. She was all out of sorts during this week and we really had no idea why. She continued to get worse. Many tears and continuously hitting herself with her fists. Trust me, this little girl can throw a punch. I accidentally got between her head and her fist and took a hit on the side of my head. Wow. A lot of power for 54 pounds!

By last Friday, she had taken a turn for the worse. She would sit and rock in her chair and would not get up. Not even to eat. She wouldn't play on the ipad or with any of her favorite gadgets. She would make us keep her hands covered with her weighted blanket so she wouldn't hit herself. When we got her out of her chair to use the bathroom, eat, or run an errand, she would tear up and make us hold her hands so she couldn't hit herself. It was heart breaking. It was like she couldn't stop herself from hitting but wanted so badly not to hit. We had to hold her hands with one hand and feed her with the other. She would not let go of our hands even to feed herself.

Her therapist believes she is going through a rough time because of her transition to a new school. She is very familiar with Horizons, but she loved going to St. Anthony's. I know she probably doesn't understand why her siblings are still going to St. Anthony's but she is not. So it is quite possible that the transition is more than she can handle.

Another thought we had was that her LENS treatments were causing her issues. She went two weeks over the holidays without any treatments and she was fine. She received a treatment on December 30th and then again on January 9th and she just hasn't been the same since. Her therapist has since adjusted her treatment, but we haven't seen much of a change.

I thought maybe she was sick or not feeling well. But, she has no fever, she is sleeping fine, and she will eat as long as we feed her. So I don't think there is anything medically wrong with her.

She is doing a little bit better today. She is actually in her chair holding some plastic spoons in her hands and not hitting herself. She went to school this morning and was in a good mood and seemed to enjoy her time there. She still insisted on having her hands held so she wouldn't hit herself. She had another LENS treatment as well today. She was a little giggly on the way home, so I am hoping she continues to improve.

I so miss my happy little Emery. Praying God helps her through this soon.



Monday, January 13, 2014

The Holidays

I know I am so late posting about our holidays.  We had a great holiday season.  The twins enjoyed all of the festivities and we didn't notice any unusual behaviors.  Just a normal family holiday.  We had lots of snow here in Michigan over the holidays!  The kids enjoyed sledding and 3 snow days added to their two week Christmas break!  Enjoy the Pictures!

Emery and Ashley Christmas Eve at Aunt Kristi's house

Bestest Cousins!

Gift from Uncle Jack - Spaghetti and a gift card. He thinks
the girls eat pasta all the time (he is basically right). 

Spaghetti and a gift card for Nicole too!

Christmas morning.  A snow shovel from Santa.  Blake loves this gift
and uses it frequently.  I will take advantage of this as long as I can!

New puzzle for Miss Emery

Make Up Kits for the girls

Room Decor for Ashley

Books for Nicole

Blake and Emery at a hands-on concert at Aquinas College

Cutting down tree #1

Beautiful Sisters

Hauling tree #1.  I am always grateful to be the one taking the pictures!

Emery helping with the Star on tree #1

Birthday Fun at Craig's Cruisers - The rope course!

Emery at her Christmas program

Blake at the Christmas program 

Birthday dinner for the girls - Ashley and Emery

Nicole and silly Avery

Blake and cousin Tyler 

Ashley and Conner

Christmas Day at Grandma Nadine's - Ashley helping Emery

Blake received a Rudolph stuffed animal

My pretty 15 year old

My pretty almost 14 year old

Pre-Holiday Fun

As you all can see, I am in the process of doing a blog makeover.  It always takes longer than I estimate.  I have not blogged much during the busy holiday season.  So I thought I would post some pictures to catch up. 

All dressed up for Blake's First Reconciliation

New Christmas Jammies

A Special Visit from Santa Claus. 
Blake was completely facinated and had lots and lots
of question for Santa

Emery was not interested for about the first 15 minutes of the
visit.  She eventually warmed up to Santa
and did not want to let him leave

Making Christmas Cookies with Conner and Avery

As you can see by Blake's shirt,
there was a big mess at my house after Christmas Cookies.
Some flour and frosting throwing - the kids had a blast!

Pretty Ashley

Pretty Nicole

Big Sister and Little Sister

Already for their school Christmas Program

My Birthday Girls - 15 and 14 - time flies

Very cool birthday cake made by Nicole for her and Ashley's Birthday

Conner and Emery decorating tree #2

Avery and Blake decorating tree #2