Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life Happenings

We had storms here Sunday night. Lost power for about 16 hours. Not too bad. St. A kids had a day off from school due to the power outage. Nicole had 2 days off. Had to throw out some food, but not much.

Bruce has been in AZ for a business conference since early Sunday Morning. He won't be back until late Thursday evening. It is sunny and warm in AZ. Low 30s and windy here. I am a bit jealous.

School conferences for St. A kids last night. Ashley is doing great. Talking about what Honors courses would be good for her next year as a freshman. Blake is doing good as well. His behavior is under control. They are now beginning to make him do his work independently. Blake is the type of kid who would prefer to have someone else do things for him. So this is a challenge both at school and at home. He will get there. Emery has improved on social interaction with her peers. One little boy in particular loves to play with her and her with him. Her classmates are so very sweet to her. I sure am going to miss her teacher when she leaves St. A's in January. Mrs. N was the girls kindergarten teacher and she is a great teacher and wonderful person. I can't say enough good things about the teachers at St. Anthony.

Basketball season begins the second week of December for Ashley. I really need to finish up the team plan and begin practice preparations! So very glad volleyball is finished. On to happier times. I know Ashley's basketball coach will play fair, be fair and appreciate every players individual talents. She is also very nice! Ha ha - I am her coach!

Need to get prepared for Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping and of course, Christmas. Why do I always feel behind?

I feel like I have finally turned a corner on personal changes that I have been going through. Hoping and praying the end is near.

Blake makes his First Penance the first week of December. He will be so excited to dress up in a suit and tie and talk to Father Mark! Blake loves anything to do with Church.

We have been seeing some developmental changes in Emery lately. More spontaneous words, improvement in fine motor skills, and major improvements in visual processing. Progress, at times seems slow, but lately, the changes have been very noticeable. Very thankful.

Looking forward to going up to the cottage for Thanksgiving. I love cozy fires, relaxing with family, seeing friends, and visiting my favorite store! Hoping everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

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