Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day of School - finally some pictures!

School began Tuesday the week before Labor Day for all four of the kids. It was in the 90s and very humid. Definitely not the best weather to end the lazy days of Summer!  But all went well and we now have a few weeks under our belt and our school routine is off to a good start.

Emery began kindergarten. We started with just one hour per day and will slowly increase from there.   It went fairly well and she was very excited everyday to go.  She loves having her own back pack!  The morning kg class was cancelled at our school, so she is in afternoon kg.  I would have preferred morning, but at least I did not have to change her standing Thursday morning therapy appt.

It will be nice when she can stay the entire afternoon.  I will then pick her up with the the other kids. For now, I am making 4 trips back and forth each day to the schools, and I do not even have to do morning drop off (Bruce takes Nicole to school and my sister takes the others).

Here are some 1st day pics!

My 2nd Grader

My Freshman

My 8th Grader

My Kindergartner

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