Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Catch Up

Been awhile since I have posted.  Too busy enjoying Summer!  Here is a little catch up on things.

..Blake has finally began physical therapy for his prosthetic.  He is doing much better.  Wearing his prosthetic leg about 3 times per day for an hour or so each time.  Need to increase his tolerance level so he is able to wear it all day at school.  Working on strengthening his core muscles to help with tolerance and gait.  At first, we had to really push him to wear his leg.  It slowed him down since he is so very fast on his crutches!  Now he is asking to put it on.  Progress is moving along much better!

..Emery had her first meeting with her kindergarten teacher and skills support teacher.  She meets with them 3 more times before school starts just so all can get to know each other.  She was a bit hesitant at the first meeting.  2nd meeting is today, so we will see how she does.  I'm nervous about sending her off on her own when the school year starts.  I know she will be in good hands, but it is hard to think of her not being with me.  Can't really explain it, just a feeling of not being there for her.  

..We finally have the girls moved downstairs to their own bedrooms!  They love having their own rooms.  The family room is a complete disaster yet as Bruce and I deal with our displacement!  Finding space for everything after losing 2 rooms is not easy!  Needless to say, I am trying to sell a lot of items and even more items will be on their way to Goodwill.

..Blake had no issues spending his first night in his room without Emery.  They have been in the same room for their entire lives, so I was a little concerned.  I think we have been planning the change for so long, he was already use to the idea.  Emery moved into the girls old room.  She did not sleep well the first night.  Spent most of the night sleeping in her rocking chair in the living room.  2nd night, no issues.  She went to bed with a big smile on her face, as she always does.  No issues since.  She has a different dresser and is now able to open her clothing drawers.  Before she only had an under the bed drawer and it was too heavy for her to open.  She loves loves loves having access to her clothes.  I am certain her clothing will no longer remain neat and tidy!

..I still have things to do in the twins rooms.  I have to paint a dresser for Blake and hang new drapes.
I also have a new comforter set for him because his is falling apart.  Only a year old, same brand as Emery's, and coming apart at the seams.  Emery's is in perfect condition.  Go figure!  It is not a washing issue either.  Both have been washed a similar amount of times.

..Been having a lot of fun at the cottage.  Blake and Emery are like little fish and swim all the time.  Bruce took a week off in July and we did a lot of "firsts" with the twins, including a fair and bowling.  I will post some pics soon.

..Can't believe it is August already.  Have to go school supply shopping and plan out fall/winter wardrobes.  Always a project!  Then shopping for what is needed.  The girls, of course, cannot wait to start shopping!  Ashley's volleyball season begins next week and I want to get the twins in one activity for the Fall.  Thinking about something musical for Blake and maybe gymnastics for Emery.  Trying to coordinate activities for 4 kids, plus therapy appointments, at-home therapy, school and homework, should be interesting to say the least!

That's it for now.  Will post summer pictures this week.

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