Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Twins ....One Year Home

This has been a crazy year!  Many bumps along the way.  Many amazing changes along the way.

Blake grew 2.5 inches and gained 8 pounds!  Miss Emery grew 4.5 inches and gained 14 pounds. Wow!  The pediatrician believes Emery most likely was in failure to thrive status at the time of her adoption.  Definitely not the case now!

The twins are healthy and happy.

Both went through a variety of difficult phases.  Most were short lived. Although at the time, it seemed like some phases would never end!  I am sure, as with all children, we will encounter more "phases".  Since we all survived the first year, we should be able to handle the future! 

The twins faced many challenges and their progress has been amazing to watch unfold.  Some of the challenges overcome that I am forever grateful include:

Emery smiling and laughing all the time - at first it was rare to see a smile on our little girl's face.
Blake learning to deal with his emotions in a good way - in the beginning there were many tantrums.
Both kids being potty trained - enough said.
Being able to tuck Emery in at night all cozy under her blankets with lots of kisses and hugs - for
     many months, Emery would not allow us to do this at all.
Blake telling everyone he knows that I am his Mom - he is so happy and proud to have a family.
Emery making me carry her around often - all 50 pounds of her - at first, she would not allow this.
Blake fighting with his big sisters - this truly says "family".
Emery beginning to talk and playing pretend - brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
Blake's excitement about getting a prosthetic leg - this little guy's outlook on life amazes me daily.

God has certainly blessed us as a family and blessed these two kids.  I shudder thinking of where they would be today, if we had not adopted them. 

And finally I have the twins one year home video finished. Only a month late! Sorry it is a bit long, but I wanted to capture the changes in our twins since being home.


  1. Love your video. What an amazing transformation in both children in just one short year. Everyone's perseverance and hard work are paying off. Happy belated one year home!

  2. Hi! I'm new here. I heard about your blog through my adoption agency, AGCI. We are adopting a seven year old girl from Bulgaria, and we are crossing our fingers that we have her home before Christmas! Your blog looks amazing and informative! I can't wait to catch up on all your posts. Happy one year home! Our blog (if you are interested) is

  3. I want to adopted but I just don't have the founds to travel in differnt counties to go get one of those beautiful children I wish i did but your children are very beautiful and congrats Yes happy one year home.

  4. Beautiful family, thank you so much for sharing your video! It's so great to see your family so filled with love and smiles. I wish your twins continued growth and closeness to your family. God Bless you all!!