Saturday, May 18, 2013

Set Back

On Thursday, Blake excitedly left to go to his prosthetic appointment and finally bring his new leg home.  He loved his leg and couldn't wait to practice using it. Unfortunately, the pressure of the leg caused his incision to leak fluid.  The surgeon was concerned that there could possibly be an infection.  So on Friday morning we were back at DeVos Children's Hospital to have Blake go under anesthesia and have his incision inspected.  If there was an infection, the surgeon would have to take Blake into surgery and reopen his incision.  We were praying this was not the case.  We did not want Blake to have to go through another long healing process.

God answered our prayers!  There was no infection. The leakage was caused from a small stitch trying to work its way out.  It caused a small opening in the incision.  The surgeon fixed the opening and bandaged Blake's incision. Blake was disappointed that he cannot wear his new leg for the next few days.  But, the surgeon wants the incision to heal well.  Blake goes back for a check up next Tuesday and we are hoping to get the go ahead to use the prosthetic leg.

Blake had a very hard time at the hospital.  It took 5 of us to hold him down to get the IV in.  He was even given gas first to try to relax him, but it had no effect.  My guy is just emotionally exhausted from all of the medical appts and procedures.  Praying this is the last of it and we will soon be shopping for his new bike.  It is so hard to look into your child's eyes when he is in so much emotional pain. I was holding him and whispering in his ear as he went under and was holding his hand as he woke up.  After about an hour, he was back to himself.  He recovers from things so fast.  He is a strong boy.  Very grateful there was no infection and we will be back on track soon.

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