Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Busy Days

It has been quite awhile since my last post.  We always seem to be overly busy this time of year.
We recently celebrated a very special day in our family.  On April 28th, the twins were officially home for one full year.  So many changes have taken place.  The girls and I are in the process of creating a one year home video.  Hopefully, it will be completed soon and I will post it.  We went to dinner at the Olive Garden to celebrate.

I also need to post Blake's prosthetic progress.  All is going well and I will write a post soon with details.

Sometimes I wonder why I cannot accomplish more.  My house always seems to be in a disarray and in need of a good cleaning.  I created a new cleaning schedule to try to keep on top of things, but it only lasted 3 weeks.  Now I am way behind again.  With all of Blake's medical appts, Emery's therapy sessions, 4 nights of Volleyball practice per week, 14 hours of volleyball tournaments every other Saturday (I know, crazy!) orthodontist appts, and school activities, I am lucky to keep up the laundry.  I manage to get a few basic things done around the house like dumping trash and making dinner (most nights), but everything else falls behind.  I have not even thought about yard work yet.  My landscape areas are a mess because I never got around to doing any Fall cleanup.  My car needs cleaning on the inside so bad, I am embarrassed.  Oh where oh where is my phantom house cleaner and lawn maintenance guy???

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