Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to School

Blake had his post op visit one week after surgery.  Wound was healing well.  He went last week to have his stitches taken out.  He was re-casted, this time blue!  He is schedule to be molded for his prosthetic on April 16th and fitted on April 30th.  He is so excited to have "2 legs".  He has been doing extremely well.  He has been off pain meds now for about a week.  His recovery went better than expected.  He enjoyed Spring Break playing outside with his cousins and friends and riding in his jeep.  He has been using his crutches since the Saturday after his surgery.  I cannot believe how well his pain was managed at the hospital. Helen DeVos Children's Hospital is a special place.  We could not have received any better care.  I also cannot believe how little pain he experienced after being discharged.  My prayers were answered.  He cannot wait to have his next appts, even though there is a lot of drama at appts!  Best of all, he went back to school today.  He took in treats for both 1st grade classes as a thank you for all of the cards, gifts and prayers he received.  I thought he might be a little nervous this morning.  Rather, he was in a silly mood and went out the door with a big smile on his face!  This is one resilient little guy! Because of Spring Break, he only missed 6 days of school.  Totally back to normal in less than 4 weeks post surgery.  What a blessing!

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  1. What a blessing when things go right with medical procedures and healing all around. Blake is such a trooper, I bet he will be so mobile when he gets used to his prosthetic.