Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It is just after 9 pm and Blake is finally beginning to fall asleep. He never did take a nap today.  I think he was too busy chatting with all of the nurses!  They have all agreed that he is quite the little charmer!  He also was very happy to have more visitors tonight.  Grandma Susie, Aunt Kristi, his three sisters, two cousins, Aunt Julie and Uncle Steve all came to see him.  He cried when his Daddy had to go home.  His pain has been under control. I am so grateful for that.  He has talked a bit about his leg, but he doesn't want to look at his cast or have anyone else look at it.  Praying he will feel better about his leg soon.


  1. So glad to hear that Blake is doing so well. Tammy, take care of yourself. Too often we forget. As the mother and primary care giver - you have the hardest job. You are constantly there at his bedside the nursing staff will come and go. Many prayers.
    With much encouragement.

  2. Glad to know that your little BG prince came through the surgery so well. I hope that pain will be limited and healing swift, both physically and emotionally.

    I also wanted to let you know that you can check the Prompt Institute website to see if there is a therapist in your area who uses this method. It's very successful with apraxia, but still not recognized by the powers that be across the board. For us it's well worth a try since traditional speech therapy was yielding no results.

    Emilia has had three Prompt sessions so far and her verbal output at home is way up. She uses all the words that she is practicing in therapy (oh-oh, ball, daddy, wee...) and she is using them correctly in context which just blows my mind. All of this stuff has been in there all along, but her little muscles and nerves weren't cooperating to let her show it. She's also trying to imitate a lot of what we say to her. Usually it doesn't sound quite right, but she has the number of syllables and intonation down pat.

    Lastly, do you know about the reunion of families with BG adoptees in Cincinnati in June? We'd love to have you.