Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Happenings

January and February have gone by in a blur for me.  We celebrated the twins 8th birthday.  The twins were baptized.  We went to a local hotel for an evening with my sister and her family.  It was a Christmas gift from my brother.  The kids were swimming in the pool for over 3 straight hours! There was giant slide and they had a blast.  I visited with some relatives that I have not seen in almost 25 years.  The girls both participated in their middle school musical last weekend.  They have been rehearsing since October.  The production was wonderful.  It was Honk, Jr., a story about the Ugly Ducking.  Very well done.  I helped out back stage for the Friday performance, wrapped flowers before the Saturday performance, and enjoyed watching the Saturday performance with my family.  Basketball has been moving along.  We have had a few canceled practices due to weather and two games have been rescheduled. Because of the rescheduled games, we have 3 games this weekend - Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday morning.  My players will need a lot of energy for 3 games in a row!  They have been doing well considering we our a 7th grade team playing against 7th/8th grade combined teams.  Saturday is our last day of regular season.  Then a two week tournament and basketball season will be over. 

Blake had his last consultation with his surgeon prior to his surgery on March 20th.  We have scheduled a hospital tour and need to set up an appointment with his hematologist prior to surgery.  He will only be in the hospital 2 nights.  I am meeting with his teachers the second week of March to plan out his school work while he is recovering from surgery.  March will most likely go by fast as well.  It is tax season for Bruce, so I have a lot of juggling to do.  I am lucky I have the girls to help me out as needed with the twins.  My mom also helps out with Emery when I take Blake to his appointments.  It is nice to have her living right around the corner! 

Here are a couple random pictures.  Notice Emery's hair.  It is finally long enough for pony tails!

She is so cute with her pony tails.

Notice the cheerios everywhere.  This is what happens when
I am running errands and Dad is in charge.

My beautiful Poodle and Swan at their Honk, Jr. Performance.
They both did a wonderful job singing and dancing!

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