Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Blake and Emery

Blake and Emery turned 8 on January 19th.  I still remember thinking about them last year and knowing it would be their last birthday in Bulgaria.  We celebrated their birthday with a family party on the 18th.  The twins loved being the center of attention at the party!  They have been to a lot of family birthday parties over the last 9 months.  They know what it is all about and were excited for it to finally be them!  They received all kinds of wonderful gifts and enjoyed a lasagna dinner, cake and ice cream.  On Saturday, their actual birthday, we all went to Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream treat.  Very yummy!  The twins received an ecard on their birthday from Blake's favorite person at the orphanage.  It was adorable and we have been trying to reach her via skype to thank her.  Now for some birthday pictures.

Blake is so silly

Listening to everyone sing Happy Birthday

Blake loves to dress up and Emery loves hair accessories
                                        Yummy Cake made by Nicole - Homemade Frosting!

Emery is very excited about her new Jeep!  Blake is busy checking it out.

The twins loved cruisin' around the neighborhood in their Jeep!

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