Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Time Sledding

Unfortunately, we have not had much snow here in Grand Rapids so far this year.  Well, this week we received quite a bit.  It actually looks like a Michigan Winter today - finally!  Prior to this week, we only had an occasional inch or two.  As soon as the grass was barely covered, the sleds were out! 
The twins were so excited to go sledding for their first time.  Blake told us they did not play in the snow at the orphanage.  I had a very bad cold/cough and sore throat at the time.  So I was only able to sneak out for a few minutes to take some pictures.  Bruce went out with them because the girls were busy.  Cousin Avery was able to join in on the fun.  Here are a few pictures of their first sledding adventure.  I know the "hill" in our yard is rather small, but it has never stopped any of the kids from having a great time!

Avery ready to slide down the hill

There goes Blake - backwards!

The climb up - notice the grass!  Not much snow out there.

Weeeee!  What could be more fun than sledding?

Emery obviously had something chocolate to eat prior to going outside.

If you ask Blake to smile, this is what you get.
They all had a wonderful time sledding.  As soon as the temps get out of the single digits, they will be out there again!

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  1. cute, Calvin isn't a big fan of the snow. I have to bribe him with hot chocolate.