Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween and 6 Months Home

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  The twins 1st Halloween was fun!  I think they both enjoyed everything about it.  This morning, Blake asked if today was Halloween too!  

 Nicole posing with Emery and her pumpkin
 Avery, Ashley, Emery, and Blake showing off their pumpkins
 Blake was very proud of his pumpkin
 Emery was having a great time
 My beautiful niece
 My beautiful Ashley
 Blake at his 1st grade school party
 Pin the Face on the Pumpkin
 Nicole at her school party with a friend (and Emery's feet)
 Ashley at her school party with Emery
 Aladdin and Jasmine
 Grandkids with my Mom (minus Nicole - she stayed home to pass out treats)
 Blurry - but cute!
 Another cute, blurry pic
Pumpkin Carving

And now for my 6 months home update.  The twins were home 6 months this past Sunday.  From my last post, you know that we have been having some back talk issues with Blake.  Yesterday was his 1st day at school following a long talk that we had with him.  We explained things that are inappropriate to say to his teacher, parents, and friends.  The teacher is going to let us know how he did each day.  If he gets a smiley face from his teacher, he can have a special treat when he gets home.  If he doesn't get a smiley face, he will not be able to outside to play for that day.  He understood and listened intently.  He apologized to his teacher for his behavior.  He also received a smiley face yesterday!  No issues at all.  Hoping it continues today. But, realize it may take awhile.  Other than this issue, Blake has been doing great.  He is excited to do his homework every night and loves to play outside.  His English is improving all the time.  I had him tested to get into an ELL class, and believe it or not, he didn't qualify.  I was bummed about this because I really think it would be beneficial.  His teachers at school think he is learning and progressing at a good rate, so they think he will be fine without the ELL class.  If needed, he will be able to receive speech services beginning next March.  Seems like a long time away.  We discussed whether or not to obtain private speech therapy for him.  But his skills support teacher at school believes that with all day school, and acquiring all kinds of new knowledge, he needs time to just be a little boy and play.  She feels that March is soon enough to start speech therapy, if needed.  Bruce and I both agreed that Blake does need time to be a kid.  Plus, he is receiving excellent care from the school staff.  So that is where we are with school for Blake.  

Blake recently had an MRI of his spine to make sure there are no spine issues prior to his leg surgery.  We have not received the results yet, but are hopeful all is well with his spine.  He is scheduled for an angiogram in November on his leg.  This is to determine if he has enough blood flow for his wound to heal after surgery.  Just a few steps necessary before we can schedule his leg surgery.  Still working on explaining the surgery to him.  I will share progress with that in another post.  

On to Miss Emery.  We received very positive news last week at Emery's therapy appointment.  Since Emery is progressing at a fairly rapid rate, our therapist now is certain that her developmental delays stem mainly from being institutionalized.  Or in other words, lack of stimulation and neglect.  This is good news because that means her delays are not genetic and she will continue to improve.  We are very thankful to God for this blessing.  I have always felt like she had a lot of potential, but you just never know.  We will continue to pray for her progress in all areas. 

Emery's sleeping issues seem to have been overcome.  She now falls asleep within 20 minutes of bedtime and rocks for only a couple of minutes.  She seldom goes to her rocking chair during the day anymore.  She is chattering a lot more while she plays.  She is really doing well going to various events.  No major issues after the event.  She is most always is a really good mood, very silly and bubbly.  She loves to be held and cuddled and sometimes gets a bit angry when she has to wait a minute or two!  It is so nice to see her so happy.  Still not 100 percent on potty training, but we are getting there, very slowly! 

Both kids recently had an appointment with a surgical opthamologist.  They both have to wear glasses to see if their eye conditions will improve.  They both were diagnosed with strabismus and ambliopia.  There is a 40 percent chance the glasses will correct the issues.  Otherwise, surgery will be needed.  It is going to be real fun trying to keep Emery's glasses on her!  We pick them up tomorrow, so we will see how it goes.

That's it for now.  Happy November Everyone!