Friday, October 5, 2012

A Connection in Bulgaria

For several months before we decided to adopt our twins, I would periodically "stalk" them on the Internet.  If you have followed my blog from the beginning, you know that I actually found a few videos where I saw the twins and a reference or two about the twins.  Even after our first trip, I continued to stalk them, hoping and praying I would catch a glimpse of them.  Well, I didn't find any current videos of them.  I found something better.

Sometime in between our first and second trip, I came across a blog.  The blog was about an American family who decided to sell all of their belongings and move to Bulgaria to do missionary work.  This family was going to minister to teens and young people about God and how he created everyone equal.  Their goal is to slowly change how Bulgarians view and treat the Roma people.  The family was supposed to be assigned to live and work in a certain city in Bulgaria (I can't remember the name).  Something didn't work out and they ended up in Kyustendil.  Kyustendil is where our twins were born and where their orphanage is located.  I contacted the family and told them about the twins and their Roma heritage.  Dee Dee, the mom of this wonderful family immediately responded to me.  She told me they had not been to visit any orphanages yet but would keep our twins in mind. 

A short time later, she contacted me again to tell me she met a minister and his wife who knew our twins!  They had worked in and donated to the twins orphanage numerous times through their charity foundation.  In fact, they actually donated Blake's first pair of crutches to him when he was about 4 years old.  He only could crawl or hop to get around before the crutches.  This couple and their daughter, whom they adopted from Bulgaria, would often pray for a family to adopt the twins.  How awesome it felt to have a piece, although very small, of the twins history.

Dee Dee contacted me a second time with more exciting news.  She and her family went to visit the zoo in Kyustendil.  As they were walking out, a group of children and a few adults were just arriving at the zoo.  Dee Dee noticed a little boy on crutches.  She thought of Blake.  She immediately realized that this group of children must be from the orphanage down the road.  She and her family introduced themselves to the caregivers and met Blake (Rumen).  They were able to talk with him and he was very friendly and wanted to try out their iPods!  They said hello to Emery (Trayanka) but she was very shy and quiet.  Dee Dee tried to explain to Blake and the caregivers that she had talked to the twins Mom in America.  But, since Dee Dee hadn't been living in Bulgaria very long, her Bulgarian was sketchy and she didn't think they 
understood what she was saying.  Imagine how great it felt to hear this information.  I was completely overwhelmed with emotion.  Hearing about our twins during the long waiting period before we could bring them home was truly a blessing for me.  

Dee Dee and I have periodically stayed in contact ever since.  We tried very hard to meet with them while we were in Bulgaria picking up the twins, but the timing never worked out.  Dee Dee also put me in contact with the minister and his wife who knew the twins.  That story is another special post in and of itself, which I will be writing soon.  

If you want to follow Dee Dee's family blog and their mission and life in Bulgaria you can find it here

I will forever be grateful for finding this family's blog.  

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