Thursday, September 13, 2012


Emery began therapy last week.  It went well.  Of course, everything the therapist works on with her involves something she loves, such as swinging, climbing, sliding and dumping buckets of balls over her head.  The therapy combines all types of therapies into one.  So we are covering speech, occupational and physical therapy.  They base all activities on Emery's strengths to improve her areas of weakness.  Emery was diagnosed with two specific conditions in addition to global development delays.  She has speech apraxia.  Basically, her brain is not sending messages at a normal speed to her mouth.  This is why she so often mouths words but no voice comes out.  It also explains why she understands everything that is said to her, but doesn't talk much.  Speech apraxia can be congenital or a child can develop it from lack of  being talked to.  Emery also has a visual perception disorder.  She does not use her eyes to complete tasks.  For example, rather than looking at a puzzle to see where a piece may fit, she will try to fit the piece while looking elsewhere.  This most likely is caused from severe lack of eye contact with caregivers.  It brings tears to my eyes thinking about her being left alone for very long time periods with no form of interaction. Fortunately, with therapy both conditions can be overcome.  The therapist is beginning sessions with a specific reflex therapy to basically fill in gaps in her development that began early in her life.  The process is very specific, but I have not had time to thoroughly research it.  It sounds promising and Emery enjoys the reflex therapy.  We plan to continue therapy for a year and then consider education based on her abilities at that time.  I thought she might miss having all the kids around, but she seems to be enjoying her mom time.  This is probably the first time in her life she has had love and attention all to herself.  I believe Emery will really progress over the next year.  One thing is for sure,  she is a happy little girl and she is so unbelievably cute!

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