Friday, September 14, 2012


I know I do not post many pictures.  Pictures from my camera are a pain to upload on my computer.  So, I always procrastinate!  Anyway, here a lot of pics.  Hopefully, I haven't duplicated any!  These are not in any particular order.

 4th of July Fun.  We are normally at the cottage on the 4th.  But, this year, the 4th fell on a Wednesday and Blake had medical appts both the day before and the day after.  So we were at home for sparklers!

 Blake and his cousin Avery hanging out on the 4th of July.
 Even the kitty likes to relax at the cottage!
 Blake loves my brother's dog Harley.
 Happy as can be to be riding on the boat!
 The girls showing off!
The dogs go along with us on the boat every time.  They have claimed their spots at the front of the boat.
 Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants near the cottage.
 We have to keep Emery trapped in the booth so she doesn't go exploring!
 Blake and Emery on their 1st Indian Lake Hike with Dad and Ashley.

 Trying to get a family picture.  Emery was way to giggly to cooperate!
 Relaxing on the boat.
 Chilling at out hotel in Cincinnati after a long day at the International Adoption Clinic.
 Dinner while in Cincinnati.

 Catnap for Blake and Ashley on the long drive to Cincinnati.
 Blake has lost another tooth and is very proud of his money from the tooth fairy.
 Relaxing at the cottage.
 Emery loves the hammock at the cottage.
Grandma Susie (my mom) with all of her grand kids:  Emery, Nicole, Avery, Blake, Conner and Ashley.
 Kayaking with Uncle Eric.
 Captain Emery!
This is my favorite picture, just taken last weekend.  Ashley was getting the twins ready to cheer for their sisters at the volleyball games.  Go Wildcats!
No idea how this pic of Blake from the 4th of July ended up down at the end.

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