Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emery is doing better

Emry is not quite back to herself again, but she is getting there.  We went to therapy yesterday, and her therapist tried a weighted lap pad on her and deep pressure massage to her arms and legs and light pressure massage to her head, shoulders and back.  Emery went in to therapy crying, moaning, and hitting herself.  Within 20 minutes of the lap pad and massage therapy, she was perfectly calm.  Within 30 minutes, she was engaging with me while playing in a bin of beans.  Best of all, she was smiling!  Her therapist also would give her slow, tight squeezes, release, and ask her if she wanted more squeezes.  Emery would actually reply "yes".  Her therapist continued this for about 10 minutes.  The last few minutes of our session, Emery wanted to do a few things that she normally did in therapy.  The transformation was unbelievable.  I love her therapist!  She let me take the weighted lap pad home.  Emery rocked on the way home, but was smiling the entire way.  We arrived home and she wanted a snack!  This was the first time she asked for a snack since last Saturday.  And this girl loves her snacks.  We had to leave again shortly after her snack to pickup  the kids from school and she put her shoes on and climbed in the car without any hitting!  She was excited to see the kids.  We came home and she went potty all on her own and wanted to get dressed.  So wonderful because even seeing clothes would have began a hitting episode before.  She lasted until about 7 pm and then became upset at shower time.  She began hitting herself and rocking.  We skipped shower and she went to bed rocking somewhat.  She settled down until about 9:30 and then she decided to get up and be all giggly and silly!  I didn't make her go back to bed because I was so happy to see her smiling until about 10:30.  She was up on and off all night but was not upset at all.  No hitting episodes yet today, and I even had to wake her to take the kids to school!  She isn't quite herself yet.  She has gone back to her room a couple times to rock for about 10 minutes or so.  But she has wanted to play with me, eat, get dressed and even had me put a barrette in her hair.  She is outside swinging right now, which although her favorite activity, she has not wanted to do since her episodes began.  I am so happy that I don't care that I am exhausted from little sleep last night.   I have been able to cuddle so much with her this past week, maybe these episodes were a bit of a blessing in disguise in attachment progress!

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  1. so happy to hear she got some relief. Hang in there, wish I could be of some help. I will be praying for you guys this week that she will continue to improve.