Tuesday, August 7, 2012

International Adoption Clinic and Orthopedics

We made it home by 5pm today.  It was a long ride, but the kids did extremely well.  Our Day at Cincinnati Children's Hospital yesterday was very long and also very informative.  I  am so glad we made the decision to go.  We had the orthopedic appointment with Blake first thing in the morning.  The surgeon agrees with the ortho surgeon in GR that it would be best for Blake to have his leg amputated either above or below the knee and then have a prosthesis.  He said he could straighten his leg, but it would never be functional due to several medical reasons.  So, if we want Blake to walk normally and basically have a normal functioning leg, we will have to go with the prosthesis.  The surgeon is recommending a few more tests, but definitely feels this is our best, if not only, option.  We plan on meeting again with the ortho surgeon in GR after he has had a chance to review the report from the CCH surgeon.

The International Adoption Clinic was beyond wonderful.  The twins received a thorough examine and evaluation.  We were given a lot of much needed advice and reassurances.  They felt we were making the right decision trying Blake in first grade.  They also insisted that it was too early to pin any labels on Emery until she has been home for a longer period of time and has been in therapy for awhile.  She has global developmental delays, which we already knew.  They feel that starting her in therapy soon is a good decision.  Dr. Staat was kind, understanding, and straight forward.  Which is exactly what we needed.   We will hear the results of all of the lab work by Thursday and copies of all reports will be sent to us soon.

We did not leave CCH until 6pm last night, so it was a long day and stressful on the twins.  They were fine unless it involved a close up examine or needles!  We went and had a nice dinner and then went swimming at our hotel.  We are all glad to be home, especially Emery.  She was getting a bit frustrated toward the last 2 hours of our trip, but made it with no major issues.  When we arrived home she ran to her bedroom to play with some favorite toys and change into the outfit of 'her' choice, which is always interesting!  Both twins are sound asleep now and we plan on having. very low key day tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Tammy, So glad your children's appointments went so well. Good to hear that both doctors agreed on the best approach for Blake's leg - may not be exactly what you wished for him. It's always good to hear you and your family are doing so well. Take care.