Thursday, August 23, 2012


We are almost at the end of August.  This month always flies by for me.  Between school preparations, the start of volleyball season, and numerous medical appointments for the twins, I have been beyond busy.  Plus we still go to the cottage on the weekends, which gives me less time to accomplish everything that needs to be done.  I feel horribly guilty leaving on Fridays for the cottage when I have barely done any cleaning and still have numerous other things to do.  But the kids love the cottage and summer is so short, I don't want to miss out on family fun - even if it means having a not so clean house for the entire month of August!  We only go to the cottage in the summer and 2 times during the winter.  So missing a weekend just doesn't make sense.

On top of the normal stuff, Emery has been being a real stinker.  It is taking forever to potty train her, which is exhausting.  Some days she does great and other days she refuses to use the potty.  She had a difficult time after returning from Cincinnati.  Definite regression.  We were a bit worried, but after about a week at home, she was back to normal.  Normal for Emery is waking up is a goofy giggly mood and getting into EVERYTHING she is not supposed to!  Developmentally she is like a toddler. Thus, I am right smack in the middle of the terrible twos!  Ugh!  I am not the best toddler parent, so I am hoping this stage passes soon.

Emery is beginning to talk more at random and is eager to repeat words for us.  She will be starting speech and occupational therapy in the next two weeks.  The other kids start school this Monday.  So things should calm down a bit with just one kid at home!  I hate to see school start.  I love having the kids home.  But it will be less chaotic around here.  Plus it will give me the necessary time to work and play with Emery.  I am also hoping to regroup, reorganize, and get into a new routine.  I feel like I am constantly doing things but not accomplishing much.  So maybe a little less chaos will help me get back into balance!  If that is even possible!!! Hoping to post some pictures soon.

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