Saturday, July 21, 2012

International Adoption Clinic

We have appointments the 1st week of August at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Blake will be evaluated by the orthopedic department and both kids will be evaluated at the adoption clinic. It is about a 6 hour drive and we were hoping to fly, but tickets are $750 each! Yikes! So it looks like we will be driving. The twins have not been on any long driving trips, so it should be interesting. So happy to have the appts before school begins! Praying everything goes well.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Update on Blake's Leg

Blake was born with a leg issue. His left leg is contracted at the knee and he cannot extend it. There are various other issues relating to the contracture. That is why he walks using crutches. We needed to see 3 specialists regarding his leg: a wound specialist, orthopedic surgeon and a vascular surgeon. We were able to get a referral to a wound surgeon right away. The doctor spends about 2 to 5 minutes with him once a month. I won't even tell you what he charges for this. On a positive note, the topical antibiotic ointment he prescribed is working. After years of having an open wound, his wound is healing! Great news for the little guy because he hates having his dressing changed and we have to do it daily. We were referred to a wonderful orthopedic surgeon right away. Unfortunately, the next available appointment was several weeks out. It took over 4 weeks to even get a referral to a vascular surgeon. Both appointments for the vascular and orthopedic surgeons ended up being the first week of July. Vascular was the 3rd and orthopedic the 5th. After waiting in the waiting area well over an hour, we finally got in to see the vascular surgeon. Only to be told that we should have seen the ortho surgeon first and our pediatrician should have coordinated the referrals better. Nice. Well, the pediatrician is a story in and of itself. The ortho appointment went much better. The staff and surgeon were top notch without a doubt. Unfortunately, their preliminary recommendation is amputation below the knee and a prosthetic. The surgeon still wants to consult with the vascular doctor, however and then meet with us again the first week of October. This seems like forever to me. The ortho doc did suggest a few other facilities to go for a second opinion. We are in the process now of obtaining a referral to the Children's Hospital in Cincinnati. This hospital also has an international adoption clinic. We are scheduling evaluations for both kids at the clinic. We had debated about taking the twins to an adoption clinic even before we had them home. Since there are no such clinics in Michigan, we decided to wait for awhile. Well, now that we will be there for Blake's leg, we will have the opportunity to take them both to the clinic. The evaluation at the clinic is a 6 hour appointment. Way different than the 10 minutes the pediatrician looked them over. I am excited to have them evaluated so we know what needs to be done to help them reach their full potential. We are praying that Blake's leg can be fixed and avoid amputation. But either way, we are going to get our active dude walking on his own!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Message From A Child Adopted From An Orphanage

Please don’t judge me:

When I rock back and forth.
Nobody ever comforted me.

When I pour objects over myself.
Nobody ever touched me.

When I make noises.
Nobody ever talked to me.

When I look away from you.
Nobody ever looked at me.

I am trying hard to overcome behaviors.
That some people think are strange.

I have never been loved.
Until now.

Please give me a chance.

Before you judge me.