Tuesday, June 5, 2012


After 4 weeks of sleeping in the twins room and a two week transition period, the twins are going to sleep on their own. I read their favorite book, Goodnight Moon, say prayers, tuck in and kisses, and I leave the room. No whining, no fretting, no tears! I check in on them every 5 minutes or so about 3 times, throw them kisses, and walk back out. Usually by the 3rd time, Blake is asleep and Emery has settled down. It takes her about 45 minutes to fall asleep. She is doing it on her own with minimal rocking, but with a few other self soothing behaviors. These behaviors are lessening as well. So I am out of their room by 8:15 and have plenty of time to spend with the girls, relax, or catch up on some chores. I feel so much better the next day with just a few hours to myself. Plus, the twins feel safe in their rooms and go to sleep happy. I did a lot of research on different techniques for transitioning out of their room. I kind of pieced together different suggestions and it went much smoother than I thought it would. I will post the method I used soon. Almost time for baths, so I will sign off for now!

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