Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Trip Home

The long trip home consisted of three different flights and about 22 hours. It actually went better than expected. Blake did great the entire trip. No meltdowns at all. He had his occasional little stinker moments, which always involved being told no. Overall, he did as well as any other 7 year old boy. Emery did fairly good as well. She did have 3 meltdowns. Her first was at the Sofia airport. There were a lot of people at our gate. She just wanted to sit in a chair, be left alone, and rock. However, several well meaning people tried to talk to her and/or invaded her coveted personal space and she completely lost it. Huge tears, loud screams, and lot of trying to get out of daddy's arms while boarding the plane. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell Bulgarian speaking people why Emery does not want their attention. Once she was settled on the plane, she did great. She had no more issues while at the Munich airport or on the long 10 hour flight to Chicago. When we got off the plane in Chicago, she did fine going through customs and immigration. I could tell she was getting a bit agitated. By the time we got to security, she couldn't take all of the people any more, and another major meltdown occurred. This time, I had to carry her to our gate kicking and screaming. Would have loved to just take a moment to let her calm down, but we were close to missing our connection to Grand Rapids. Mom only suffered a few claw marks on her arm. She calmed down momentarily while boarding the plane. Then I had to put her seatbelt on her. Oh did she hate that. She screamed and fidgeted and tried to get out of the belt. She ended up banging her head accidentally on the arm of her chair and that made the meltdown worse. After about 10 minutes, she fell sound asleep. Unfortunately, she no more than fell asleep and we were in GR. She did OK at the airport. She was quiet and didn't want anything to do with our family that met us at the airport. Blake, however was his normal charming little self and adored all of the attention. We made it home by 11:30 and basically went right to bed. Both kids seemed a little scared, but fell asleep almost immediately and so did mom! 3 meltdowns, 22 hours, and 2 newly adopted kids: Fairly good trip overal.

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