Thursday, May 10, 2012

Question for Adoptive Families

First of all, Tuesday went from bad to worse. Blake had at least 7 tantrums that lasted anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes each. Poor Emery did not get much mommy time. Yesterday was better, only one major tantrum that lasted an hour and a few minor ones. I am trying a few different things, but I think he just needs to work through his anger. Now for my question. We had planned on "cocooning" as much as possible for 6 weeks with the twins. My concern is that Blake loves being with other kids. If the girls are outside playing, he wants to play too. He loves playing with his cousins. Emery has also grown to love playing with her cousins. I didn't expect this so soon. I tried to bring her inside last night after about an hour of playtime and she burst into years, grabbed her shoes, and handed them to me. So is it important for bonding purposes that we keep them from playing with other children and only playing with mom and dad? They are never with more than about 2 to 6 children at a time. I feel it is really good for them. But, I do not want it to have a negative long term effect. How much "cocooning" is appropriate? Other than school and activity drop off/pick ups, they are both home with me all day. Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. Email me at or respond in the comments section. Thank you!

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