Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Week Home

The twins have been home for one week nowadays out of the orphanage for almost two weeks. We actually have seen some changes already. I will start with Emery. Last week Emery would barely let us touch her. Hugs were not allowed. Kisses were not allowed. She rocked back and forth hard against walls and furniture several times a day. She rocked herself to sleep every night. She hated blankets and pillows. She would not make eye contact for more than a split second. When she was upset, she would hit herself on the head. She wanted to eat and drink water constantly. She always obeyed us if we had to tell her no. Now Miss Emery takes our hands when she wants to play. She lets us pick her up. Does not give hugs yet. If we ask her for a kiss, she turns her cheek toward us and let's us kiss her. She probably rocks during the day at least half as much. Three nights ago, she allowed me to softly rub her legs and sing her to sleep. Two days ago, I found her in her bedroom covered up with my blanket and giggling. She only rocks herself at bedtime for about 5 minutes now as opposed to about 20 minutes. She makes great eye contact now for up to about 15 or 20 seconds. She rarely hits herself anymore. She has tapered off on eating and drinking somewhat. We now have to tell her no a few times before she obeys! I think she is feeling more comfortable with us. Now for Blake. Blake was having several grieving meltdowns a day. Now he only has them occasionally. He was a stinker when he was first with us - and he still is! He is saying several English words and understands a lot of what we say. He learns easily. He was not using the potty at all the first week at the apartment. He now is using it frequently. Still has accidents, if I forget to remind him. He still hates the word no. He is getting a bit more patient, sort of! Both kids were afraid of our cat and dog. Now they chase after the cat. Emery doesn't pay any attention to the dog. Blake is still afraid of the dog when she barks, but otherwise pets her and loves to give her treats. Both kids love to ride in the car. I thought seatbelts would be an issue, but both kids did absolutely fine with them. So that's the update. If anyone has any particular questions about the twins, transition, or their orphanage, please feel free to email me at

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