Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Month Home

The twins were officially home for one month this past Sunday and 5 weeks out of the orphanage. There have been many changes over the last few weeks. Emery has said about 5 or 6 words now. She will not repeat them when you ask her to, but we know she can talk! She is just beginning to allow more physical contact. She woke up this morning and greeted me with a great big real actual hug for the first time. It felt so good to hold her so close. She has always spent her days playing with various little toys, changing her clothes constantly, and just fiddling around. She would never just sit with us. Well that has changed. She will now sit on our laps and let us rub her back, talk to her, and give her kisses. The other day I almost received a kiss from her - but not quite. Two nights ago, she left the living room and came back with her pillow and blanket and squeezed right in next to Ashley on the couch. I was sitting on the other end and when I saw her do this and then saw the big smile on her face, I almost cried. This little girl who could not be touched only 4 short weeks ago, was now all cozy on the couch with her family. It sure makes all of the difficult days seem worth it! Miss Emery no longer walks away quietly and goes off to rock by herself when her brother takes a toy from her or pushes her out of the way. She now puts up a fuss because she knows mom or dad will step in and not allow this to happen. She sure gets a big smile on her face when this happens. Which brings me to Blake. Blake is not too excited about having to share with his sister, take turns, and not be pushy. He is getting use to it and most times will accept it with a big sigh. Other times he will get frustrated and begin a tantrum, act like he is hurt, or some other attempt to take our attention away from Emery. We are working on this, taking care to make them both feel good about the house rules. Blake is not use to sharing attention with his sister. Now that she is actually seeking attention from us, Blake is having a tough time handling it. Quite a few meltdowns this past week. But, he is doing better today, so we may have reached a small turning point. Blake is basically potty trained now. He has an occasional accident and needs a pull up at bedtime, but we have come a long way in a short time! I am beginning to potty train Emery. She will sit on the potty several times a day, but has not gone yet. She may not be as easy to train as Blake, but we will get there. We have began the doctor appointments necessary for Blake's leg issue. This is hard on him because he is afraid to let anyone examine his leg. It is so hard to see him so upset, but I know his quality of life will be dramatically improved if he will one day be able to walk. I can now completely trust Blake to go outside in the back yard and play with his cousins. He does not try to run off anymore and is generally a really good kid. I know a few weeks ago I would have never thought I would be describing him as well behaved, but he really is a well behaved little guy. Emery has gone through a testing stage as well. We had a 4 day period where she would disobey every chance she got. But, she has past that little stint and is actually listening to us much better. Three times this past weekend she came back to me when I told her to and I did not have to chase her down. Even though there are some very difficult days and I am totally exhausted both mentally and physically at times, I can look back over the past month and see how far we have come. Overall, I think these kids are amazing for doing so well after having there entire world turned inside out. I know we will experience many many more issues in the future, but seeing the positive changes in the twins makes it easier to handle.


  1. Congrats! It sounds like wonderful progress. So happy for your family. Doesn't each change give you hope and confidence that all the ones that still need to be made will happen too? Love reading about your family.