Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Days are Getting Better

Things are getting a bit better. Blake has only had 2 major tantrums in the past 4 days. He is learning to accept no for an answer. When he is not having a tantrum, he has the most entertaining personality. The kid keeps me laughing all day. Rather than tantruming, he is fretting when he cannot have his way. That is ok, it is a step in the right direction. Emery has had a few major meltdowns, which include banging her head very hard on the counter or the wall. We try to gently bring her to her soft chair as soon as we can, but she usually gets in one good whack. Poor kid, praying this eventually stops or at least happens less frequently. Blake has been using the potty on his own since Monday. Huge thing! Bribed him with a tractor ride. He hasn't pooped yet however. Emery has been handing me a pull up every time she pees. I think we will start training her next week. Not sure how much she understands, but will see how it goes. The kids are starting to get very very picky at meal time (just like their big sisters!). They want only snacks! Now, if they don't eat their meal, we save their plate and that is what they get for snack. Neither are too fond of this rule, but at least they are eating their meals. They never go hungry. I always have fruit available in the am and fresh veggies in the pm. We have a busy weekend coming up. The twins are going with daddy and grandma to a graduation party (pray for Bruce) and I am going to the girls last track meet. They practice 3 days a week for only 4 meets. They missed the 1st two meets while in Bulgaria, Bruce went to the third meet and I am going to the last one. Ashley's piano lessons end at the end of May so we will be done with all activities except for a few sports camps in June. Volleyball starts up the 2nd week of August so we have July off! I thank God every day that the twins love going in the car. Because we make at least 5 short trips back and forth per day for the girls. It would be extremely exhausting if B ans E were not cooperative! The kids love their water table on the deck. We go out everyday after lunch. Great fun, especially for Emery - she loves water! Hoping to post some pics soon!

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