Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travel Dates!!!

15 Months after starting our adoption process, we finally have our travel dates. We will be leaving on Friday, April 20th. We will arrive in Sofia on Saturday, April 21st and go directly to the orphanage to pick up our twins. After 7 years, Blake and Emery will walk out of their orphanage for the very last time and into the waiting arms of their family. I am praying that God has prepared their hearts for their new life. I pray we are prepared to love them through their loss and their transition. Our journey is just beginning....

The past few days have been a bit crazy. On Friday, we were told that our April 22nd date had still not been confirmed but we should know by Monday. Over the weekend there were very few decent flights at a reasonable price. On Monday, we received our call and were told to arrive on the 21st rather than the 22nd. We were to arrive by Noon and go directly to the orphanage to pick up the twins. We would be picking them up on Saturday instead of Monday. So I spent the rest of Monday and most of today trying desperately to find flights that did not require overnight layovers and were somewhat affordable. Well, we finally booked a flight that has short layovers and gets us to Sofia by 1:00pm. Noon just would not work and our caseworker said 1:00 would be fine. Price wise, we were not as lucky. We ended up paying $3000 more than what we could have booked last Friday. But, at this point, we just want to bring our kids home. We most likely will not all be able to sit together on the flights, but there were very few options. We are thankful just to be going! I can't wait to start packing!

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  1. Congrats! Glad they finally gave you travel dates - not good that you had to spend extra money - lots of money!!! Can't looking forward to read about their homecoming!! Be safe!