Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Last Day in Bulgaria

I did not have nearly enough time to keep up on posting. This is a combination of the twins keeping me busy and everyone wanting to use Mom's iPad. Some of you have asked for pictures. I will get them up soon after we are home (I hope). I wanted to write about the inevitable meltdowns during this week. Both kids had many meltdowns. I lost track of the amount days ago. Emery's appear to truly be associated with grieving. She has a hard time in the mornings. She is most likely processing dreams from the night before (according to our social worker from AGCI). Her meltdowns mainly consist of rocking very hard in a chair, coach, or against a wall. If you try to move her during one of these episodes due to safety or because you are finished at the embassy and you need to leave to make room for the other gazillion people there, she has a major loud nasty screaming kicking biting (herself) meltdown. Always fun to carry a child during one of these meltdowns through crowds of people and high security to get out of the building. Believe it or not Blake is far far worse. His meltdowns are not a typical meltdown that you might see in a grocery store in the states. His are all out anger filled punching kicking biting screaming louder than you could ever possibly imagine head banging destroying meltdowns. Most of the harm done is to himself or any object in his path of destruction. He has hit me a few times, but nothing very hard. He did smack Bruce hard once, tried to bite him once, and knocked him a good one with his crutch (aka deadly weapon). The majority of Blake's meltdowns (almost is too nice of a word to describe them) stem from being told no. This kid is use to getting his way and is fairly confident this is going to ll continue. Now, in all fairness, I believe he gets very angry when he doesn't get his way, and the initial meltdown escalates because he is grieving. Nonetheless, very hard to deal with. On the plus side, he is starting to let me comfort him and rock him as he is calming down and the episodes are getting shorter in length. The passengers on the plane tomorrow are just going to love us! In between all of his raging episodes today, he would say "America tomorrow" and get all excited. Little does he know he will also be going to mama's boot camp to change some of his behaviors! It's a goog thing for him that mama feels much better about the day after a few beers! Sometimes love is hard. On a positive note, miss emery is making more and more eye contact with me and holding the eye contact for longer periods of time. She also will let me kiss her, tickle her, and rub her legs. Far more than how she was at the beginning of the week. Whew, been a tough week. Will be nice to finally be home. I am certain the meltdowns will be much more fun at home!!!

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