Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Kids

Twins were both asleep by 9:30 tonight!!! We should have them on a normal schedule just in time to fly to a different time zone! I have been wanting to post my observations of the twins, their orphanage, and such. So here it goes, both good and not so good. I will start with Blake. Blake seems much like a 7 year old boy. He is obviously delayed when it comes to education, since kindergarten doesn't begin until between the ages of 6 and 7 in Bulgaria. In addition, in Bulgaria, the schools do not begin teaching the m alphabet until 1sr grade. Basically, in kindergarten in Bulgaria kids are taught what American kids learn in preschool. In most every other way, he appears to be fairly age appropriate. We were told by the Bulgarian adoption agency that Blake was very spoiled by the orphanage staff. This could not be more true. I am certain that he was very seldom told "no". He absolutely hates being told no. At first it was difficult to distinguish between grieving behaviors and plain old naughty behaviors. We now can recognize a meltdown stemming from grief and intentional disobedience. We had to come up with a method to discourage him from disobeying just for safety reasons (and sanity preservation). He loves Ashley's IPod and thinks it is a phone. He takes it with him everywhere and "talks" on it frequently. After one time of warning him and subsequently taking it away from him, his behavior now immediately changes just at the mention of the phone being taken away. Hopefully this continues to work. The poor child not only has to adjust to a completely different life, he also has to adjust to not being "the boss". He can completely dress and undress himself. He has a great imagination. He actually likes to play pretend. He will sit and watch a tv program for close to a half an hour (as long as he gets to choose the show). Loves to play on my iPad (unfortunate for me). He can dance and I mean really dance. I am certain they let him watch music videos at the orphanage. Either that or his caregivers have side jobs that I don't even want to think about. He has a great sense of humor. He copies everything I do and makes the most funniest faces ever. He has a contagious laugh. He loves to talk and will talk to anyone whether they want to listen or not. He is bossy. He loves to sneak into his sisters room to wake them up in the morning. This kid has absolutely no eye contact issues whatsoever. He looks at you at all times during a conversation. He also will look you directly in the eyes and shake his finger at you while lecturing you in Bulgarian. (Lord knows whatnhemis saying). He loves to cuddle and snuggle and have mama sing to him and rub his back while he falls asleep. His disability dies not slow him down or stop him from doing anything. He can climb anything, kick a soccer ball farther and harder than me, and he moves with the speed and agility of a seasoned athlete. He is always way ahead of us. We have to assign Nicole or Ashley to keep track of him on all outings. Our apartment is on the 3rd florr and therefore lots of steps. He is either always ahead of us all or squeezes his way through to get around us. I know he is wondering why all of us slowpokes don't own a pair of crutches. It was very easy to fall in love with this little dude. Ashley "absolutely needs" the iPad, so I will continue later with a post about Emery. I think we will need a 2nd iPad soon.

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