Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gotcha Day continued

Ugh - I wrote an entire long post and I just noticed it was not there. Sometimes blogger really frustrates me. So here it goes again. I hope I'm not repeating myself! So yesterday we went to dinner at a restaurant that had outside dining. The twins ate really good - they totally filled their bellies. Blake had a 5 minute conversation with two ladies at another table. Lord knows what he was saying. The only thing we caught was him introducing all of us. "daddy, mama, saestra Nicole, saestra Ashley and saestra Trayanka". We ordered water for the twins at dinner. Emery cannot get enough water. She drinks and drinks. When the water was gone, she wanted some of Ashley's sprite. She liked the way it fizzed when it was poured. So Ashley gave her some and oh the expression on her face. It was a look of absolute disgust with a major crunched up face. Emery decided sprite was not for her. After dinner we walked back home. Blake likes to wave at all the cars passing by. If he is walking, he uses his crutch to wave. This is very cute unless you are the unsuspecting person walking next to him. That crutch can be a weapon. The kids played for awhile after dinner and kept taking off their clothes. They do this all the time. Blake likes taking his off and then putting them back on. Emery just prefers not to have clothes on. I have know idea why they do this or what it means. We did the entire bedtime routine, showers, Jammie's, snacks, singing songs. But neither wanted to sleep. Bedtime did not go well, but it was expected. They were both finally asleep by midnight. Bedtime is a post in and of itself. Stay tuned.....

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