Thursday, April 26, 2012


Now for a post about Emery. She is a little princess. She normally always listens to "no". She loves loves loves to be tossed onto the couch. She has the most precious giggle ever. And her smile will melt your heart. She also has many typical orphanage behaviors. She rocks frequently. She pats her chin, squeezes her cheeks, and will not accept any affection. She will play with us, hold our hand and does not mind being held or carried if it is on her own terms. She babbles all the time. She is basically like a 2 or 3 year old I would say. Except her motor skills. She can run, jump, climb stairs, climb anything(extremely well) like a typical 7 year old. She adores her daddy. Tolerates her mama but likes her if daddy is not around. She is just a very sweet little girl. She understands everything that is said to her in Bulgarian and is learning to follow some English instructions. She is very patient and accepting of her very bossy brother (we are working on this issue gently). Her brother corrects her, takes things away from her and tells her what to do. Late the first night, she shocked us all when her brother said something to her and she ran up super fast and pushed him right down. I looked at her and she had the biggest smile on her face. Pure satisfaction. Of course we told her no, but secretly I was kind of glad to know she does have a limit of how much she is going to take from her brother! Emery is doing ok with eye contact but this will definitely be something we will have to work on. Our little girl is very delayed in most every area. But I have a feeling she will be learn and be ok. Either way, she is our special princess.


  1. Wonderful reading about the transition. A few months ago, we were in the same boat w/ our bio sibs. The brother seemed to be the "bossy" one. We had to separate them once home and redo some rules for him. His sister had such a sense of relief once home. I think she knew then that she wasn't going to have to take it from him any more. Blake and Emery sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing your journey. How are the older sisters adapting? Just wanted to say best wishes on the rest of your journey.