Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The first night both kids were trying very hard to not fall asleep. I think they were scared. Blake would lay down next to me but Emery would sit on the bed and just rock back and forth. At one point, Emery got the saddest look on her face and then the tears came. It was heartbreaking. The poor little girl cried for about 15 minutes and did not want any comfort at all. She was missing the only home she has ever known. Shortly after Emery began shedding tears, Blake did too. I think Blake was scared for his sister. He was kind of whimpering but Emery was crying so very hard. Bruce and I decided to just have them cozy up on the coach with us and maybe fall asleep on their own. They were so tired but they just did not want to let themselves fall asleep. Eventually we went back to the bed and Blake crawled in right away. He wanted me to sing and touch his face softly. After about a half hour of this he was out. Emery eventually crawled up in bed and hummed herself to sleep. They both slept until morning and woke up happy and bubbly! It is so hard to see them hurting from such a tremendous loss. Poor little tykes just wanted to be in their own bed in their own surroundings.

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