Monday, February 20, 2012

Discipline and Adopted Children

Our Adoption Agency provided us with discipline guidelines for our internationally adopted children.  I thought I would share this information with other adoptive parents.

In Country & Initial Adjustment Period (1 to 3 Months):

- provide clear, consistent, tight boundaries
- do not discipline most behaviors
- be supportive of emotional behaviors due
       to grief, loss, transition and adjustment

After Initial Adjustment Period (3 to 12 Months):

-provide clear, consistent, tight boundaries
-never use physical discipline or withholding of
      food and other items of necessity
-use as few words as possible
-for younger kids, use redirection or distraction
-use "time-ins" rather than "time-outs" - the child
      will be with you during the "time-in" either
      right next to you or in the same room while you
      complete a task
-take away a privilege (riding bike, tv show, etc)
-let safe natural consequences happen
-give an extra chore that will benefit the family
-all discipline should end with love and then forget
      about it
-use lots of positive reinforcement, tell him when
      he is doing well, praise good behaviors even if
      they are small

Long-Term (after 12 to 18 mos. Home):

-continue what is stated above
-add in age appropriate discipline and reward 
     systems that work for his individual personality

These are general guidelines (provided by AGCI) for disciplining your adopted child.  Additional
information relating to most of these guidelines can be found in the books I have listed at the bottom of this page.  


  1. sounds like a great agency, not all agencies give this info.

    1. AGCI is very big on parent education!