Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home from Bulgaria

We have been home from our first visit for over a week now.  I have been so busy, I haven't even had a chance to post.  Our flights home went smoothly (although very long).  We had two long layovers - first in Munich and then in Chicago.  We were able to upgrade from Economy to Economy Plus for the long trip to Chicago.  The additional cost of $60 each was well worth it.  There is much more leg room in Economy Plus.  I think we will apply our frequent flyer miles for the upgrade for our trip home with the twins. 

When we arrived home, my Mom had our house all cleaned and the laundry done.  My sister made us dinner for Sunday and family and friends joined us to view pictures and video of the twins.  Thanks Susie and Kristi! 

We have a conference call with our Education Coordinator from AGCI today.  We will discuss all of our observations of the twins with her.  As instructed, we documented our observations each night after our daily visits with the twins.  This will definitely be a benefit for our conference call.  I will post more on specifics about the twins later.

We just received an email yesterday from our agency that our I800 approval is now at the US Embassy.  We filed the I800 application before leaving for Bulgaria.  The Bulgaria Court normally will issue the Article 5 letter within 4 to 6 weeks from receiving the I800 approval.  This means that we should be traveling to pick up the kids in about 8 weeks or so.  So things are moving along as expected so far! 

I have been focusing on all necessary December tasks - Christmas shopping, Tree decorating, Birthday Party and Gifts for the girls (they both have December Birthdays), Christmas gifts to ship to Blake and Emery.  I still need to begin (and complete) Christmas cards and wrapping.  After the holidays, I will focus on everything that needs to be done before we travel to pick up the twins.  This is a long list.  I also want to help Nicole do some marketing for her book.  My sister gave me some great marketing ideas.  In between, I am creating a spreadsheet for playing time for basketball (I am coaching Ashley's 6th grade team with my friend).  We have 11 girls on the team and it is difficult to keep on track with fair playing times.  I am hoping the spreadsheet will make it easier! 

I am feeling much better and more confident about life with our twins.  It really helps to read other adoption blogs.  I am always inspired by so many people.  My husband feels good about everything and always says just the right things to boost my confidence and spirit.  Thinking about the twins makes me feel sad that they are not yet with us.  But, I know they are in good hands.  They are so loved by their caregivers.  I will be forever grateful to these wonderful people for taking such good care of my kids.  I cannot wait for the twins to be legally ours so I can post pictures.  They are such cuties!

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