Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting there....

Cleaning out the spare bedroom is a big project - especially for Ashley!  This bedroom has been used as a scrapbook/homework room for several years.  Keep in mind that Nicole and I already moved our stuff out.  This is all Ashley's stuff!  Can we say Pack Rat?  The new scrapbook room will be located in a spare room in the basement.  This room will be for the twins.  I am so excited to get it all ready.  But first, we have to wait for Ashley.....

Friday, September 23, 2011

NBC Glitch

So are I800 Application was supposed to be approved yesterday.  Rather than getting a call from our caseworker with good news, we got a call with some not-so-good news.  The NBC officer wants two more documents notorized and wants our social worker to make a visit to our cottage.  The documents were not a big deal - we did that immediately.  A bit frustrating, since they were not required to be notorized to begin with - but it's done and I just have to fed ex them today.  The cottage visit is very frustrating.  We own 50 percent of the cottage and only use it in the summer months.  Our social worker said this is the first time ever that she has been requested to visit a second home.  Lucky us!  Anyway, she was able to schedule the visit for next Tuesday and she is going to process the paperwork immediately.  So, overall, maybe only a one week delay.  What really concerns me is that we have had delays due to our government and we haven't even began dealing with the Bulgarian government yet.  Red tape.......!  I am praying for you Emery and Blake - we will be there soon.

Friday, September 16, 2011


We finally had our finger prints taken for our I800 (third attempt - long story).  Our caseworker said they should reach the correct govt dept in 48 hours.  Hopefully, processing will be expedited.  Can't wait to receive the last document required to be sent to Bulgaria!